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The Joy of Gifting: Why Gift-Giving Makes You Happy?

the art of gifting

It is a wonderful experience when you receive gifts. It makes you feel happy and special. However, gift-giving multiplies the happiness. The instant gratification comes from the care, devotion and love that go into finding and giving a meaningful gift to a family member or friend. The art of gifting enables you forget the mindless pursuit for possessions and focus on sharing what you have with others without expecting anything in return. That experience is something you need to have to understand why people love gifting. 

In case you are wondering why gift-giving makes you joyful and happy, here are some reasons for it:

Strengthens Bonds

When you give a gift, it is to demonstrate to the person that how much you appreciate them. Since we live in a material world, people look for instant gratification, and receiving a gift is one way of experiencing this delight. However, you will never randomly choose a gift. You will go through multiple gift ideas before you decide one is perfect for the recipient. 

Gifting is one of the many ways to nurture relationships. On receiving the gift, the person not only acknowledges your thoughtfulness but also realizes that you think warmly of them. Hence, the gift immediately gains significance not for its value but the intent. So, it helps you forge strong bonds of love and affection with the recipient. 

Attract Good Karma

Luke 6:38 says give and shall be given onto you. Gifting teaches people altruism and it also demonstrates that you are willing to invest thought, time and money in a person and this investment does not go unrewarded or unappreciated. 

When you think about other people, you are putting their interests at the forefront. This is an act of selflessness and gift-giving enables you to enjoy it. It is law of the universe that when you do something good, good things happen to you too. So, while you have the power to control your feelings and relationships, it is prudent to remember that good begets good. 

Have a Positive Effect on Others

Showing appreciation of others is best done with words and deeds; and gifting is one of the best ways to show your gratitude and appreciation. The recipient will be thrilled and happy to get a gift even if there is no occasion to celebrate. So, you can have a positive effect on others by gifting them something and to show to them you care for them. 

Whether you want to gift a set of coasters or a business card holder with a pen, the choice is completely yours. Nothing is too expensive or cheap when you are buying a gift that you feel will make someone happy and satisfied. The key is to bring and spread happiness around you and mastering the art of gifting is one of the best ways to do so. 

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